About mE

Are you Lost ? Are you confused ? Don't know where to turn?  I am a 6th generation psychic with the abilities to help those in need. I give those a clarity they can't find anywhere else.


Candy's Psychic Shop excepts everyone with the want of changing their present and futures. I provide an exemplary service to people. Being such a people person and a loving, caring person it's inside of me to provide the best possible services that I can give. Reuniting lovers, financial blessings and guiding them onto destinies path. 98% of my clients need help in these area's and that is what I highly specialize in. My psychic readings are private and confidential. I am an amazingly accurate psychic with dates, names and times and places! So come on down, you won't find someone as trustworthy as myself or who loves what they do more than I do as much.